Bible Discussion

Jesus Clears the Temple

John 2:13-22;
(Psalms 19)

Say  .   Many people traveled a long way to celebrate a Jewish holiday called the Passover.  The Passover is a time Jewish people remember what God has done. They look back at their time in Egypt, and how badly they were treated there. They celebrate how God had a plan and led them out of Egypt.

Jesus came to Jerusalem to celebrate in the temple, like everyone else. But once he got there, Jesus saw things going on at the temple that weren’t a part of God’s plan and spoke up. In fact, Jesus did more than that — Jesus flipped over tables and made a pretty big statement about how displeasing this was.

Read  John 2:13-22

  • Did it surprise you that Jesus got mad?  What was he angry about?   WHY do you think he was upset?

  • Do think that Jesus was sinning when he got mad?

  • How did the Jewish Leaders act?  What does it mean when someone has authority?  Where did Jesus get His authority?

  • What was Jesus talking about when he said the temple would be destroyed?

​Read Psalms 19

  • What do these verses tell you about God?  WHY should we praise Him?

  • How does God reveal Himself to us?  How can we know God?

  • How can you become more attentive to what God is saying through His creation?

  • How is God your Rock?

SAY . No matter what, we can trust God's Word and God's plans because they are both perfect.  God will never lead us to a plan that isn't good for us because God's plans are perfect!