Bible Discussion

The Beatitudes

Matthew 5:3-12;
(James 1:17)

Say  .   In the Bible, a blessing is something God gives us out of kindness. God doesn't have to give us blessings, but God chooses to. God gives us blessings as a gift. Sometimes, a blessing is something you need for today, like clothes or food, but other times, a blessing is something that lasts forever, like God's love.  Blessings from God make us feel loved by God!

Read  Matthew 5:3-12

  • Who are the kinds of people that God promises blessings to?


  • What is a blessing? What does it mean to be blessed?

  • This part of scripture is called the Beatitudes.  Each one has a requirement that has to be met in order to receive the reward.  Read through each verse:

    • What does it mean to be spiritually needy or poor in spirit?​

    • What does it mean to be humble?  How does that look in your life?

    • What does it look like to be hungry and thirsty for what is right?

    • What is mercy?  How does God show you mercy?  How can you show others mercy?

    • What does it mean to have a pure heart?  How can you get a pure heart?

    • What is a peacemaker?  Can you think of peacemakers in your life?  In the Bible?  What type of behaviors make a person a peacemaker?

    • Define persecution.  Why would Jesus want us to be happy when we are persecuted for his sake?

​Read James 1:17

  • Who gives us gifts?

  • What type of gifts does God give us?

  • How is God different from the things He created?

SAY . Now when you think of blessings, these might not have been the first things you thought about. Usually we think about being blessed by having everything we need. But Jesus is teaching us in this Bible passage that when we show these kinds of characteristics, we will be blessed with something far greater than daily needs – God promises to bless us with great rewards in heaven. Even though we might feel sad or lonely sometimes, God will see our hearts and bless us in the long run! God loves us more than anyone ever could.  God doesn't give us gifts because we deserve or earn them. God gives us gifts because God is just that good to us. And the every gift God gives to us is "good and perfect."The best gifts we could ever receive are the blessings God gives us!

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