Tell the kids you're going to create the scene with Play-Doh and make a plan. Think of a scene that your family can build together (e.g. a barnyard scene, Noah's ark, or a playground). Think about things like what you'd like to include and who will build each part.

SAY . Before we built this scene together, we had to make a plan. God has plans for us, too.  God's plans are perfect.

Where can you find God's plans?

How can we know God's plans are perfect?

Who is someone you can talk to if you're not sure what God's plans are?




Make a few simple structures out of blocks and take pictures of it. (Duplo blocks are ideal, but any type of building blocks will work). Display each picture and invite kids to try making the structure shown. Tell the kids exactly how many pieces they are going to need to replicate each picture. Alternatively, you can take pictures of the individual blocks you used (dismantled) and verbally tell kids to make an object (e.g., house, cube, stairs, etc.).

SAY . Before we got started on our towers, I gave you the "blueprint" or the "plan" to follow by telling you what blocks you will need to make each structure. Following a plan is a good idea – especially if the plan comes from God!




Find a puzzle that everyone can work on together.  Mix up the puzzle pieces and ask the kids to help you put it back together. Keep the picture on the front of the box visible while they put it together.

TODDLER HACK: Talk about the shapes or pictures on the box that help you see where the puzzle pieces should go.

SAY . Sometimes, when we look at a bunch of puzzle pieces all jumbled in a pile, it's hard to tell what it will look like when it's finally all together. But when we look at the box, we can see the bigger picture and learn where the pieces should go.  Do you think it would be easy or hard to put together the puzzle without being able to see the picture on the front of the box?  We'll learn today that God shows us the bigger picture of God's plans for us, too



On three separate large pieces of paper, draw a house, a school, and a church with markers. Working together as a group, have kids write or draw "blueprints" for things that God might want them to do this week in each place (e.g., On the picture of the house, you might write, "Help with the dishes." On the picture of church, you might write, "Sing worship songs.")

TODDLER HACK: If you can find stickers that will work for this activity, consider having the kids add the stickers to the appropriate drawing (e.g. A broom sticker on the house to represent helping to clean, a music note sticker on the church to represent singing to Jesus, a book to represent story time at school or daycare).

SAY . What are some things the Bible tells us we should do?

Is it easy or hard to follow God's instructions?

What will you do this week to follow these blueprints in your life?

When we do these things based on what God wants us to do, it will help us to follow God's plans for us. God's plans are perfect.