SAY . What are the different blessings God has given you?


  • Set out scrapbook paper.  Write or draw as many blessings they your family can think of on the paper. Save the finished papers for the next activity. Offer suggestions to get the kids started, such as family, friends, their house, their pets, yummy food, school, clothes, etc.

    • TODDLER HACK: Help kids think of someone and/or something they're thankful for and write it on heart-shaped cutouts. They can use these for the next part of the activity. 



Give each kid a small, cardboard box and markers, crayons, paint, and other things to decorate the outside of the box. Place the kids' written lists of blessings on the inside of the box after decorating.


SAY . These gift boxes will help you remember God loves you and blesses you. Open up your box to see the blessings God has given you! Blessings are gifts God gives us!



Take several strips of painter's tape and stick them across a door frame (creating a web-like structure) so that the sticky side is facing the area where the kids are. Give kids pom-poms, cotton balls, or scrunched up newspaper, and have them throw it at the tape to see how many "blessings" they can get stuck on the tape.

SAY . Think of all the good things in your life. They are all blessings from God! Blessings are gifts God gives us.



Use tape on the floor to mark a starting line and finish line about ten feet apart. Give everyone a plastic spoon. Put a ping-pong ball in the spoon of the first person. The kids will race to the finish line and back, trying to keep the ping-pong ball on the spoon. If anyone drops the ball, they have to scoop it off the ground using only the spoon before resuming the race.

  • TODDLER HACK: Instead of making it a race, have the toddler concentrate on taking out a ping pong ball with a spoon and transferring it carefully from one bucket to another. 

SAY . Blessings are gifts God gives us. When you get a blessing from God, you don't always have to keep it all to yourself. You can share your blessing with other people, too!

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