Space Telephone


Gather your family in a circle for a game of telephone. Whisper a space phrase in the ear of one family member and tell them to keep whispering the phrase into the next person’s ear, going all the way around the circle, exactly as they hear it from the person before them. When the last person gets the message, have them say out loud what they think the message is. Here are some space phrases you could use:


  • captain of the temple guard

  • filled with the Holy Spirit

  • act of kindness

  • Peter and John

  • The sun, the moon, and the stars

  • We live on planet Earth

  • Astronauts are inside the spaceship

  • Planets orbit the sun

  • Space has no gravity

Say . In this game, we got to practice sharing messages with our family.   God wants us to share an even more important message with our friends: the story of Jesus and how much He loves us. 

  • TODDLER HACK: Help each child pass the clue along by prompting them and showing them what to do. Use shorter phrases or just single-word clues (e.g., Peter, John, Holy Spirit, kindness, planet, spaceship, astronaut, solar system, Milky Way, galaxy).

The Story of YOU

INSTRUCTIONS: Share your story with your children. Then have your children share their story. It is good for children to know that they are valued, that what they have to say is important.

Share about your family

Describe your house

Share if you have a pet or not

Share your favorite animal

Share your favorite toy or game

Talk about your favorite food to eat

Describe your favorite place you have visited

Share what you want to be when you grow up

Share your favorite song

  • TODDLER HACK: Do this activity directly with your toddlers by asking them a few of the easier questions above (such as a favorite food or animal). Meet their responses with an enthusiastic, "thank you for sharing".

Circle Time

INSTRUCTIONS: Gather your family together in a circle and play this simple game while you continue to discuss the story. Find a tissue or a paper towel, use a marker to write “God’s Word” (or draw a Bible) on enough tissues for each person to have one. When everyone is standing in a circle, have them put their tissue on their head. Sing a worship song or play some music while they dance around, but tell them to try not to let “God’s Word” fall to the ground.


Say . In the Bible story, Peter and John shared about God with others. We can share God’s word with others too.  Every time one of us drops a tissue, we're going to practice sharing our stories by answering one of these questions

  • Share your favorite part of church

  • Share your favorite thing that God has created

  • Share something you are thankful for

  • Talk about your family

  • Share something you like to do

  • Share something you can pray for

  • Talk about your favorite Bible story

    • TODDLER HACK: Each time your toddlers drop a tissue, instead of responding to the above questions, have them say the Big Idea, "We can share God's story."

Sharing Game

INSTRUCTIONS: Lay sheets of colored construction paper down in a circle. You'll need several copies of every color. Let your children walk around the circle on top of the papers. When you say “Stop,” everyone walking will need to stop, look at the color they're standing on, and share something specific. Here's a color code you can use:

  • BLUE: your favorite season or weather

  • GREEN: your favorite restaurant to eat dinner

  • RED: your favorite thing to do with your family

  • YELLOW: your favorite game to play

  • ORANGE: your favorite animal

  • PURPLE: your favorite thing to do with your friend

  • BLACK: your favorite birthday memory

  • BROWN: your favorite song

  • WHITE: your favorite toy

Say . God made us all special and different with personalities and things we love. We can share about ourselves with others, but the most important thing we can share with others is what God has done in our lives. God made us, forgives us, and loves us.

  • TODDLER HACK: Give child a toy or a doll and have everyone roam around freely while you sing a song or play some music. When you say, "stop," tell the child who has the toy/doll that they need to share that with someone else now.

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