SAY . Have you ever been sick and someone sent you a card, balloon, or teddy bear as a get well gift?

When we're feeling down and someone shows us they care, that's a gift to us, isn't it? God does this for us, too. When we want to feel happy again after feeling sad, God blesses us with peace and joy to help us feel happy again!


Gather card making supplies and make cards that will be a blessing to someone in need. If you know of a missions or outreach ministry to have the cards delivered to shut-in congregation members, local nursing homes, shelter residents, or missionaries.



Print picture frame below. Encourage your kids to think about a time when someone else helped them. Tell them to draw a picture to show how that person helped them, mom or dad, a brother or sister, a friend, or a teacher.


SAY . God uses our gifts to help others, and God also uses other people’s gifts to help us.  Remember how we are all parts of the same body? We all need each other. God made us to work together and help each other.

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