• Sometimes you might think, "I'm too young to have a story worth telling," or, "I don't know enough about Jesus to tell others about Him." But that's not true!  To help show that we have an important story to share, practice telling everyone in your family stories through some homemade telephones.

  • INSTRUCTIONS: For this activity, you'll need paper cups, string, and a large needle.  For each telephone, poke a hole in the bottom of two paper cups, thread a length of string (about 3' long) in between them, and knot the ends.


Things to talk about....

  • Talk about something fun you did this week.

  • Talk about something you've learned about Jesus.

  • Talk about something good God has done for you.

  • Talk about one thing you're thankful for.


See? Just like Peter and John, you have a story to tell too!

 2-Minute testimonies 

Say . One of the best ways to share God's story with others is to share our story. We all have a story! Our stories are about :

  • Where we were born.

  • Who our families and friends are.

  • What we like to do for fun.

  • The difficult things we've been through.

But most importantly, our faith stories are about what God has done in our lives.  Sharing your faith story doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't even matter how often you come to church, or read your Bible, or pray. No matter how young you are, or how recently you first heard about Jesus, you still have a story you can share with others.

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Help your kids practice telling their stories of faith. Remember, they may not have a specific "salvation story" yet, and that's okay! The point is to get them talking about their stories so far. Give them two minutes on the clock and challenge them to share a story, using one of these prompts . . . 

    • The first time I heard about Jesus was when . . . 

    • My favorite thing God has created is . . . 

    • My favorite Bible verse or story is . . . 

    • I'm thankful to God for . . . 

    • Jesus is my friend because . . . 

    • I'm glad God forgives me because . . . 

    • One prayer God has answered is . . . 


​Say . See? You do have a story to tell!

 story review 

  • What message did Peter and John want to share with others?

  • What did Peter and John do when people told them to stop talking about Jesus?

  • Why do you think Peter and John kept talking about Jesus, even when they were told to be quiet?

  • Let's read I John 3:18. This week, what's one way you could show God's love to someone without using words?

  • Is there anyone you'd like to share God's story with? Who, and why?

  • What's one way you could use your words to share God's story with that person this week?

my life movie poster

Say . Think about this: if you were making a movie about your faith story, what would the movie be like?

  • Would Jesus be a superhero, or knight in shining armor, or brave warrior who protects you from a scary monster? And would you then tell everyone about the amazing person who saved your life?

  • Or maybe you love sci-fi movies, so you'd be a space explorer trapped in an alien prison, until Jesus sets you free, and then you travel the universe together setting other people free!

  • Or maybe you would want a happy, feel-good movie, so your movie poster would be filled with all of the people and good things God has given you.

  • Whatever you want to draw is up to you, but make sure your movie tells God's story as well as your story. For the next few minutes,  use your creativity to draw a movie poster of your story of faith so far!

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Give your child an 11" x 17" sheet of paper and some markers or crayons, and let them draw their movie posters. Challenge your family to draw a poster of their faith story.  Compare family posters.

Say . Isn't it amazing how different all of our stories are? That's exactly how God intended it! God's story never changes, but the way God's story changes our lives is always special and unique.

  • When we share our stories with others, it helps our faith grow and it helps others learn more about our God who changes lives!

  • It is exciting that we can share God's story! When we tell others about who Jesus is, we get to see God "launch" our faith (and other people's faith too) to even greater heights!

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