SAY . What are the different blessings God has given you?  Think about the people God puts in our lives, the gifts God gives us to help others, the promises God made to us, and the things that help us know we're loved.



Give each kid a piece of origami paper. Tell them to use the white side to write as many blessings as they can think of. Save the finished sheets for the next activity.



Take the list of blessings the kids made during reflection time and fold the paper into a "gift box" shape (you can find some instructions here). The finished "gift boxes" should have the colored side of the paper on the outside, with the kids' written list of blessings on the inside. Decorate the outside of the gift boxes and write, "Gifts God gave me" somewhere on the front.

  • SPECIAL NEEDS HACK:  Show an example of the finished Origami Gift Box before you begin giving instructions. Give instructions one simple step at a time, being careful not to overwhelm. Provide visual support for your verbal instructions. Model the creation of the origami gift box as you verbalize each step.

  • PRETEEN HACK:  Allow the students to make a second box for a friend (or teacher, parent, mentor) with that individual's gifts written inside, then label it "Gifts God gave YOU." Then, encourage them to bless that person with this gift during the upcoming week!

SAY . These gift boxes are to help you remember that God loves you and continues to bless you. Any time you need to remember your blessings, you can open the box to see your list! Blessings are gifts God gives us!


  • What are blessings?

  • What kinds of people does Jesus say are "blessed"?

  • What are the blessings that God will give to them?

  • Re-read James 1:17. What are some "good and perfect" gifts and blessings that God has given you?

  • Describe what it would be like to be "poor in spirit," "pure in heart," or any of the others Jesus talks about in Matthew 5.

  • Which of those do you find the most challenging to be?

  • Why do you think God gives us blessings?



Print the greeting card template below.  Help them fold in half, for them to make their own greeting card to cheer someone up. Maybe someone at church is sick and could use a get well card. Maybe there's a foster kid or foster family that could use some blessings. Maybe it's a missionary family or a sponsored kid who your church supports. Encourage the kids to encourage others, blessing them the way God blesses us.

  • SPECIAL NEEDS HACK:  Offer some suggestions for who they can give their card to. Provide cheerful stickers to use for those children who have weak fine motor skills, and have difficulty drawing and writing.

  • PRETEEN HACK: Consider compiling a list of specific people in your church community that could really benefit from being encouraged with a card this week. Have each kid address a card to a person on your list.

SAYGod blesses us because God is good. God blesses us when we're feeling down, and we can bless other people this way, too. Let's encourage someone!

Greeting card

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