BIG IDEA:  LOVE is the foundation of God's plans

BIBLE STORY: God So Loved the World: John 3:14-21; Ephesians 2:4-10

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ACTIVITY | Pyramid Plans


Split the family into teams. Give each team a pack of plastic cups to build a tower.  When the teams are done, ask someone to go around and try to knock down the towers by waving a handheld fan.
SAY . What would you do differently to make your tower stronger?
It was so important to make sure your foundation was as strong as possible. We’ll hear today about what the foundation of God’s plan is!



Give each kid a note card and a pen. Tell them to think of five things that they are or have (e.g., fifth grader, basketball player, musician, etc.). Instruct them to list those things on their note card. Ask some of them to share what they wrote down, if they would like to.
# PRETEEN HACKS: Encourage kids to get specific in their descriptions – instead of naming vague or generic things – by having them share their quirks and unique  experiences.
SAY . What kind of plans has God created in you?
What do you know about yourself that gives you clues to who God has made you to be?
Everything we have and everything we are is because God loves us! Love is the foundation of God’s plans.

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  • Why did the Jews celebrate the Passover?

  • Where did Jesus go to celebrate the Passover?

  • What did Jesus say would happen to the temple after it was destroyed?

  • Read Psalm 19:10. According to this verse, what is the Bible better than?

  • Where can you find God's plan for your life?

  • How can the Bible help you with something from school last week?

  • What is one way you know God's plans are perfect?



Have your family stand in a line. Tell everyone except the first person in line to face away from you. Show the first person a simple action (e.g. singing, sleeping, kicking, etc.). Then, the first person will tap the next person in line and perform the action for them. When the second person thinks they understand the action, they will tap the third person in line. This will continue until it reaches the last person. The last person should guess what the original action was.

SAY . Sometimes, instructions can get mixed up and don't always make sense.  We'll learn today that we can always rely on the instructions God gives.